It is difficult to confuse branded unique style of Salvatore Ferragamo, which combines traditions, craftsmanship, elegance and modern creativity with any other brand.


The founder of the legendary Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo rightly gained the title of «fashion visionary,» as each of his work inspired the creation of new works of the designers of the period, and not only.  At the age of nine years, Ferragamo created the first pair of shoes for his sister. Even at that time, he realised that he had found his calling.

Ferragamo in each of his collection like an expert has experimented with the design and thanks to his innovative and scientific approach to the creation of shoes, he has invented the tapered and square heel.

In the entire history Salvatore Ferragamo’s company was faced with difficulties repeatedly, but thanks to worldwide love, it could not only overcome all the difficulties with dignity, but also expanded its product range with a new line of clothing, shoes, glasses, watches and handbags.



Salvatore Ferragamo is considered to be the whole empire, which was not meant to merge into the overall fashion flow and  clothes collection is inconceivable without  original traditions, elegance and handmade what are unchanging qualities of the brand.