Made-to-measure Canali suit

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Canali specializes in individual deluxe tailoring and embodies the Made in Italy men’s elegance.

Since 1934 the firm has been promoting the tradition of craftsmanship and the Italian brand, combining culture and history with elegance and style to create real masterpieces every time. The aesthetic perfection of clothes, the highest quality of fabrics, the boundless thoroughness of the working out the details, the constant renewal of the silhouette, innovation and creativity are the key components of Canali’s tailoring tradition.

These values ​​find their expression in the exclusive service «MADE-TO-MEASURE SUIT». It gives the customer a unique opportunity to benefit from assistance of a specialist at every stage of producing his chosen garment, and to receive a unique suit in the end.

Acquaintance with Canali service «MADE-TO-MEASURE SUIT» begins with detailed consultation with one of our specialists. For that purpose, you should first pre-register for a consultation by phone: +996 (312) 900 225. During the consultation, the client sets out his requirements, tastes and preferences regarding style.
While discussing all the details during the meeting, the client chooses the best style for the suit, to get it fitted. Then the tailor takes the necessary measures for an ideal fitting of the «MADE-TO-MEASURE SUIT» to the movements, style and posture of the client.
Canali offers a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, including exclusive seasonal selections. Winter fabrics include both soft water-repellent wool, and pure cashmere and combinations of angora, camel wool and mohair. Spring fabrics include 100% wool, flax and silk combinations, as well as ultra-fine fabrics Super 200s of the highest quality for true connoisseurs.
«MADE-TO-MEASURE SUIT» services allow each client to individualize his or her clothes. After choosing the style and material, you will have to pay attention to a lot of other details, from buttons to waist loops and pockets. Each «MADE-TO-MEASURE SUIT» is unique and includes a personalized label with the customer's name.

Creativity and excellence are two unchangeable principles which go hand in hand to offer the highest standards of cut, clean lines and finishing to gentlemen who seek a sartorial look that satisfies their needs and emphasize individuality.

«Made in Italy» — these are not empty words and is not just a label. For Canali, it is the result of longstanding traditions, interweaving culture and history, style and taste; ta quest for excellence and respect for professionalism, quality and reliability. That’s why all of our collections are produced directly by Canali-owned production centers throughout Italy. Each piece is created with love by highly skilled craftsmen, is a sample of taste and perfection, with a taste for the tradition of fine tailoring and premium quality.

Made-to-measure Canali suit

You can make a visit by calling: +996 (556) 900 225

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