The Brioni fashion house is one of the Italian old stager in the field of fashion design and tailoring. Right after the Second World War, tailor Nazareno Fontikoli and and fashion designer Gaetano Savini  founded Brioni fashion house and fell into creative work.  They focused on the men’s clothing.



They named their brand in honor of the famous resort, expensive and prestigious place. This name attracted aristocratic and rich people, who appreciated luxury clothing of  Fontikoli’s and Savini’s authorship.


From the beginning, you could buy Brioni only via personal ordering of  tailoring of a particular model. They used the individual approach to each client and all the manner of way took into account all wish a client. Each client was treated individually, take into account their wishes and gave recommendations on how  to emphasize the style and create a unique image.

This brand of clothing remains exclusive and unique to this very day. The Brioni fashion house is known all around the world and has its loyal fans.