Barrett Shoes — is handmade shoes, which are made with the use of  the most advanced technologies and only high-quality natural materials.



In the collection you can find many deerskin models made of  stunningly durable, lightweight and waterproof materials. Craftsmen use manual staining and color transitions, what makes each pair unforgettable and unique. It is no wonder that  the popularity of the brand is growing every year.



The history of Barrett brand began in 1917 and has been existing for almost 100 years already. Once, while traveling around sunny Italy, John Richardson Varret,  the founder of the company wanted to buy lighter pair of shoes, and refered to the famous shoemaker in Parma.  This is how two talented people met each other, and their acquaintance has grown into a long, successful partnership and created a popular brand.


Today, Barrett company is the most famous and prestigious shoe manufacturer in Italy, which is appreciated far beyond the borders of the country.