Cortigiani brand was founded in 1985 in Italy. From the very beginning only high quality and fine men’s clothing were produced under this brand, gained the status of «total look». The company experts focused a great attention on the meticulous detail work.


In the words of Mies van der Rohe: «God means details.» In addition to this statement, in this regard famous phrase of the brand owner Roberto Dziero is worthy of mention: «Fashion? We are above that.» Of course, this approach to the philosophy of the brand created Cortigiani brand that claims to occupy a permanent and unappealable place in the life of men.

In most cases two opposite colors — black and white — are used in Cortigiani brand clothes. They complement each other and, at the same time, they are in contrast with one another.

In addition to clothing under the Cortigiani brand name lines of shoes and accessories are produced. All Cortigiani models are one-size-fits-all and can be a good addition to almost any wardrobe. And the size range is quite wide. Here you can choose from the very small to large sizes.



Thus, Cortigiani collections attract almost all ages and types of men, and the most surprisingly is that everyone will find exactly what he was looking for and what will make him look the way he likes.